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We're a small, wholesale bakery. We produce naturally fermented, handmade sourdough breads that are full of love!


Kalama Sourdough Bakery

I’m Robert Ahrens. I started Kalama Sourdough Bakery as a homeschooling project when I was 13. As

As part of my curriculum, my parents wanted me to start a business. Since I already loved baking, I decided to

start a bakery. My Grandpa helped me build the bakery and my Mom taught me how to bake! I started out

by selling 10 loaves a week in our downtown Kalama Shopping Center. I then started selling at local

Farmers Markets during the summer. I loved it!

Since then, I’ve grown my business ethically and responsibly, always looking to local suppliers first. I

I believe we have to work together as a community to keep the things we eat local! Our bread is not a standard

loaf of white bread. It is a true sourdough. The only ingredients in our Artisan Loaf are Flour, Water, Salt and

Sourdough Starter. I use an old-world, three-day method of fermenting and proofing the dough until it’s just

right. Then we bake it and deliver it out to customers.

Now, 11 years later, you can find our

breads from Vancouver to Tacoma!

"We appreciate all the support we’ve had from our local customers!"

What People are Saying

“"A Great Find”

“absolutely amazing sourdough! I have bought it weekly for the last 5 years. Hand down the best I've ever had!“

A. Reyes-Dana

"Going Back For More”

“We bought Kalama Sourdough pizza dough at Chuck’s. With my sauce, meatballs, Italian sausage and lots of cheese our pizza was delicious!! Going back to buy some more!“

G. Scoville

“best rolls I have ever had”

“I tried one sourdough roll and I was hooked! These are seriously the best rolls I have ever had in my life!“



“best ever chocolate sourdough- almost like eating a brownie but better”

C. Waikus

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